Irlam and Cadishead College (ICC) have an established partnership with a high school in The Gambia which has proved very successful.  They have been lucky enough to receive grants from the British Council enabling teachers and students to visit and experience a different culture.

Sharalyn Brumwell from the College said, “We feel that this involvement has been so effective in developing a critical image of other parts of the world and appreciate the effect these have on people’s attitudes and values that we decided to try to replicate with another African country.”

After searching on the British Council’s Global School’s website they have made a connection with a school in Morocco which seemed promising.  They began by gathering a small group of ICC students together to write ‘pen pal’ letters to their counterparts in the Moroccan school.

This has developed into a commitment from both schools to continue the partnership, bringing awareness, understating and tolerance into the classroom. The British Council have two dates from grant applications an in January Sharalyn Brumwell (pictured), the International Coordinator for Irlam and Cadishead College, submitted just such an application and was successful.

The reciprocal visit has now been arranged, with Sharalyn travelling to Beni Mellal in Morocco as the Times was going to ‘Press’ and the link teacher from Abu Hamid Elghazali School will be making the trip to England in July that will be featured in our next edition.

Sharalyn added, “It is now hoped that further projects will follow with discussions taking place between the school about possible subject areas including poetry, climate change and cultural celebrations.”